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Clearing Entities and Negative Energy Worldwide - Are You Under a Psychic Attack?
We live in changing times. As the energies on the Planet lift in vibration there is an increasing contrast between Light and Dark. Many people are waking up to their vocations as healers, psychics and mystics. In the process they 'turn up' their spiritual light and sometimes beings of a low frequency are attracted like moths to a flame.

Healers who work in other people's auras need to be especially aware of this possibility as astral parasites can 'jump ship' preferring the fresh and tasty energy of the healer to the tired and depleted energy of their original host. For those who are sensitive these attachments can feel unpleasant and will cause energy depletion. Our energy fields are not designed to carry these freeloaders and even a relatively inactive attachment can drain energy and drag the vibratory rate of the energy field down.

I am an entity remover, not a doctor. If you have health concerns you should get them checked out with a qualified medical practitioner. Whilst we believe that entity removal can lift many and diverse symptoms for some people, others will have underlying physical and mental health issues that need to be addressed by a medically qualified professional.


Entities come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they all drain vital energy. If you have suffered with entity attachments it is not unusual to need additional healing work to get your energies up to full strength once you have been cleared.  My guides bring healing in the form of light of varying colours and cleansing washes at the time of the removal. Where you have become very drained or sustained more damage to your energy system this sometimes needs to be topped up a few days later. Once I have cleared you if you want to have monthly cleansing and healing top ups this is available via the monthly check up service I offer.

I put you in a strong protection for the week after your removal whilst your own energies are rebuilding. This protection stays in place for that week and I provide you with a visualisation so that you can keep this protection up if you wish. If you prefer you can put yourself in your own choice of protection after the initial week.
Many people are not grounded enough and this makes you more vulnerable to picking up more entities. A basic visualisation of putting roots down into the Earth from the soles of each foot can make a big difference to your energy stability.

Cleansing Yourself and Your Home
When you have been cleared you can help yourself by taking a cleansing bath or shower. You may also like to smudge your home, especially the areas where you spend the most time. Washing clothes and bedding can be helpful as entities sometimes leave an unpleasant energy behind them and fabric can soak this up. It may be worth replacing old pillows, particularly if you  felt negative energy surrounding the Crown Chakra
Monthly Check Up Service
Lynne offers her clients who have had long term problems,  or have been frightened by their experiences and are worried about staying clear  a check up service for £30 a month after the clearing process has been completed.

If at any time you have a concern that you've picked something up she will check for you and if there is something minor she will clear it at no extra charge. If there is something more substantial, she will let you know what is going on. You are free to cancel this service at any time you wish.  She wishes you to feel supported, knowing that backup is readily available.
Treat yourself kindly for a few days, resting up just as if you were recovering from an illness. Sometimes it takes a while to feel the benefit of a clearing so please be patient. Instant results can and do happen, but the improvement isn't always apparent immediately and every case is different. Avoid consuming alcohol for the week after the removal and drink plenty of water to help flush your system through.

It is possible that you may experience a healing crisis after the removal, particularly if the entity was very large, had been there a long time or was deep rooted. You may for example be emotional, weepy, or feel shaky, perhaps like you are coming down with the flu. Sometimes people even feel tender or bruised in their physical body where the removal was done. Usually plenty of rest and drinking water will to help settle your energies within a day or two, but if you are at all concerned do see your medical practitioner as it is possible the symptoms are nothing to do with the entity removal and just a co-incidence
If after a week or so of being cleared you still feel that your energy is low, or your energies feel murky then further work may be needed. You can come back to me and I'll check that you are still clear and see if more healing is needed. Alternatively you may know of an energy healer with a good reputation locally that you can visit for an 'energy infusion'.

Psychic Clearance or Entity Removal treatment takes typically between 30 minutes up to 250 minutes non stop, but with extreme cases clearing can last for days or weeks.
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The  Entity removal is usually  £50 - £250  depending on your circumstances and on the combination with the other forms of healing  that I will need to perform. When I am removing an Entity or any form or Psychic Attack, I need to perform healing both on myself and those who are affected. I will also need to Ground and Protect you whilst I am conducting the removal as this is a dangerous process for me.
Please Note: Psychic Clearances or 'Entity Removals' as they are sometimes referred to, can take anything from a 30 minutes up to as much as a week depending on the severity of the attack. Please bear this in mind when arranging a clearance as it may incur additional fees.

30 Minute Clearance
60 Minute Clearance
120 Minute Clearance
240 Minute Clearance
30 Min Distance Healing
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60 Min Distance Healing
120 Min Distance Healing
240 Min Distance Healing
In addition to this service, Lynne has been asked to conduct a number of  "Distance Healings" remotely which have been very successful.

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Please Note: Distance Healing can take anything from a 30 minutes up to as much as a week depending on the severity of the issue. Please bear this in mind when arranging a healing as it may incur additional fees.
Lynne Caddick Distant Healing
Please Note: Psychic Clearances (or 'Entity Removals' as they are sometimes referred to) and Distance Healing, can take anything from a 30 minutes up to as much as a week depending on the severity of the attack. Please bear this in mind when arranging a clearance as it may incur additional fees.
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