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Lynne Caddick Instant Read
Get an instant phone reading from Lynne

For an instant phone reading with Lynne, there is the option to use the click 4 advisor service (subject to availability)

To proceed with your instant call, please use the link below
This service is provided by Cost per call is shown on the link page
Note, there maybe times when Lynne maybe unavailable or otherwise engaged in other call or chat sessions. Also note that Lynne is UK based so please ensure you call between  8am and 10pm (Subject to availability)
Lynne Caddick C4A

Telephone Readings
(Only available Monday to Friday
between 10am and 5pm GMT)
30 Minute Telephone Reading
30 Minute Telephone or Skype Reading
(Ask up to 2 Questions)
Note: If your question is 'Love' Related, please use the Psychic Love Reading option on the right.

45 Minute Telephone Reading
45 Minute Telephone or Skype Reading
(Ask up to 3 Questions)
Note: If your question is 'Love' Related, please use the Psychic Love Reading option on the right.
Psychic Love Reading
30 Min Psychic Love Reading
Can we ever get back together?
How does he/she truly feel about me?
Are they being true and honest with me?
Will they ever commit?
Are they the 'right' person for me?
See if Lynne can answer your query
Additional time over the allocated slot may incur an additional fee
Emergency and Urgent Readings
When available, Lynne can conduct an Urgent or Emergency reading but these are only arranged by pre-booking only.

These readings must be arranged with Lynne before any payment is made. Lynne will then arrange your reading as soon as possible, subject to her workload and availability.
Primarily for our overseas or none UK guests who maybe on a different time-zone, please check the UK time zone at the bottom of the page before calling. Please do not call between 10pm and 9am
30 Minute Emergency Reading
30 Minute Emergency Telephone Reading
(Ask up to 2 Questions)
Additional questions may incur an additional fee

45 Minute Emergency Reading
45 Minute Emergency Telephone Reading
(Ask up to 3 Questions)
Additional questions may incur an additional fee

30 Minute Out of Hours Reading
30 Minute Out of Hours Emergency Reading
(Ask up to 2 Questions)
Additional questions may incur an additional fee

Other Readings
Past Life
Lynne will need to connect on a higher level than usual to be able to bring you this type of reading.
This Reading is only available available via email
Additional time over the allocated slot may incur an additional fee

Help &
Meditation &
Crystal Healing
Lynne offers help and guidance for meditation and crystal healing

Psychic Clearance Entity Removal
We all live in changing times
As the energies on the planet lift in vibration, there is an increasing contrast between Light and Dark. Many people are waking up to their vocations as healers, psychics and mystics.

Meet Your
Spirit Guide
Meet your
Spirit Guide
We all have several Spirit Guides and each one represent different parts of your life and they help you in different ways.

You need to be able to put your trust in them so here is a brief example of how to meet them.

Other Readings
Please be aware that Lynne is currently unable to accept online requests for Standard or Emergency readings at present.
Instant Readings are still available using the link above, however if
you are unable to use the instant reading facility, please
email Lynne direct with your request


Before proceeding with a Same Day or Out of Hours reading, you must first contact Lynne to ensure here availability to carry out the reading at the time you require. DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENTS until Lynne has confirmed she can carry out your reading for you.

As you will appreciate Lynne may have other readings scheduled or may have private appointments where she needs to be away from the telephone.

Making any payment prior to Lynne confirming your reading may result in your payment being lost or an admin fee being applied for it’s refund.

To proceed, please follow the steps below…

When calling, please consider that Lynne is UK based and may have a different time zone to your own.

Time in the UK is shown at the bottom of the page
Call to ensure Lynnes Availability to do your reading.
Only when Lynne has accepted confirmed your appointment, continue to select your reading from the ones below and proceed with payment.
The out of hours reading is only available after 5pm weekdays and weekend.
These are based on UK times only.
Please use the clock below as a guide for time in the UK.

Payment Process:
We respectfully request that payments are made prior to booking your reading and not at the time of your reading. To make a booking, please follow the steps as directed in the relevant reading sections below… All payments are made through Paypal.

1: Select the preferred reading type you would like from the choices on the left or below
2: Purchase reading using the Paypal ‘Buy Now’ link. By using Paypal as our preferred payment option, you can be sure payments are safe and secure.
3: Call or email Lynne using one of the methods below
4: Lynne will then confirm payment has been made and confirm your reading date and time.

NOTE: If you are requesting a Same Day or Emergency Reading, the process will be the same but your reading may not take place immediately, but you will be contacted within 24 hours of making your appointment.

Regular clients of either Telephone or Skype readings, may qualify for a discount if you have had at least two previous readings with Lynne. 
Please contact Lynne first to see if you qualify.

Mobile: (+44) 07488310803
Before proceeding with purchasing any reading with Lynne, please ensure you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
By proceeding with your reading, it will be taken as read the you have seen and understand the Terms & Conditions .Thank You