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You are living an otherwise ordinary and productive life and you begin to feel as if your energy is being sucked out of you, while at the same time you feel confused, frightened and unable to restore yourself back to normal mental and physical health. The world begins to feel somewhat alien to you. People seem less responsive to you, and much to your own dismay and guilt, you begin to feel the same towards them. The once large and expansive vista that had been your previous life begins to close in more tightly around you, and with this, along comes newly imposed limitations which previously did not exist.

You then begin to feel physically poorly. Very poorly in fact. Pains arrive out of nowhere. Strange dreams and surreal and terrifying nightmares begin. Rashes appear on your body. The muscle tone in your face begins to lose its firmness. Hair growth stops, or the texture of your hair become much dryer. Fingernails are more brittle and bright lights become more intense which sometimes cause headaches. There is a constant sensation of 'tugging' in your stomach. You begin to develop a mild form (at first) of agoraphobia, spending more of your time indoors than outside, even if you had lived a previously active lifestyle and enjoyed a good social life.
You find going to work increasingly more challenging and often one requires an alcoholic drink more and more, or a sleeping pill the Sunday night before the working week begins, so you can get some proper sleep in order that you can deal with going back to work on Monday morning. This is generally a major clue that the psychic attack is eminating from an individual, or individuals at your workplace. If not, then possibly someone you know who is jealous of your success in life who has taken a dislike to you. It could be simply someone who is pathologically envious of your attractiveness and resents you with a level of intense jealousy beyond the comprehension of most ordinary and decent folk.
The fact that you have never spoken to, nor have even noticed this person only makes the situation more bizarre and difficult to accept. However, be warned - the world is filled with such malicious jealous strangers who develop these irrational and psychotic hatreds of other people which manifest into dangerous psychic attacks. 
Ordinary tasks which you once performed with ease now become increasingly difficult as you begin to question your own sanity and safety. And yet, there is no determinable medical cause or environmental factor. There is only one thing that you can be completely sure of - that someone or something is doing this to you. Your instincts scream this to you but you deny this alarm bell ringing inside you, as it seems so irrational and hysterical to accept something such as a psychic attack emanating from another person could actually be a real thing.
Sometimes you have a hunch, or even a clear understanding that you know who this person might be who is 'attacking' you; other times you are completely oblivious and at a complete loss in trying to understand why anyone would be doing this to you or would want to do this to you. Either way, you know that you are now drifting more and more into strange and frightening unchartered territory and it's killing both you and your quality of life, slowly and with relentless, merciless cruelty.

Sometimes the initial psychic attack being experienced by the target is rapid and can literally happen overnight. In the vast majority of cases, however, the psychic attack is a creeping incursion into the target's psyche and he or she feels themselves going downhill emotionally, psychically and mentally over a period of weeks or months until the person under attack plunges into a kind of baseline psychic war of attrition.

Inability to get a good night's rest. Constant waking in the middle of the night with a sense of dread and panic for no concrete reason. Disturbing and very surreal nightmares (pay very careful attention to these dream states and symbols and individuals in them, and if you can, keep a dream journal). Night terrors and occasional sleep paralysis, sometimes involving seeing shadow people or dark figures in the bedroom. Night sweats, even in cold weather have been very commonly reported.

'Brain Fog', which swiftly replaces a once dynamic or creative mind. This is often the most worrying experience for people under attack, as it begins the chain reaction of self-doubt, whereby the person under attack begins feeling as if they have become a stranger even to themselves. Forgetfulness and other concentration issues which often cause work and social problems and in some cases can lead to the target socially isolating themselves, as they feel like they would only let everyone around them down by being in their company. This is precisely what the workplace psychic attacker is attempting to achieve.

This is usually brought about by the two previous indicators, and is spawned out of the social anxiety the person under psychic attack begins to experience. Crazy rationalisations begin to manifest in which the person under attack comes to believe they smell badly, or are being somehow socially offensive to their friends, workmates and even complete strangers. Mood swings then begin to set in as the neuro-chemical fluctuations in the brain attempt to compensate for the cognitive overall deterioration.
A once out-going personality is soon replaced by an insecure self-loathing and melancholic individual. This can be especially devastating for creative people. Artistic and creative people are more often than not - along with attractive women - the most common targets of psychic attacks. How often have we seen the tormented artist fall apart following a creative block, or the stunningly beautiful woman walking down the street or sitting on a train with the most miserable, tormented and lifeless facial expression on their face as they go deeper into their own thoughts?

Lying in bed with migraines and muscle pains such as myalgia which arrived out of nowhere and showing no sign of going away, with only the intensity or the frequency fluctuating within a narrow bandwidth. Loss of sexual activity. Skin rashes. Allergies, Irritable bowel. Onset of poor eyesight.

If the cause of the experience is properly understood (not necessarily the specific identity of the source of the malevolent incursion) as that of being a psychic attack, and then from this realisation, the defence of one's psychic space begins in earnest, then there is every chance that you could actually die from the experience. Or, at the very least, your quality of life will be completely destroyed.  One's continuing ignorance or denial of the nature of the psychic attack only creates a sense of defeatism and despondency coupled with near paralysing levels of fatigue, poor health and lethargy which will never be overcome until the target understands the seriousness of, and the very real deadly nature of the situation.
I could go on and on as there are so many attributes relating to Psychic Attacks and Possession of an Entity. BLACK MAGIC… DJINN…. POSSESSION….  GHOSTS…. etc.