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Simple Methods of Meditation to help you with your everyday life or if you wish how to connect with Spirit and your Higher Self.


This particular method help to protect you against any negative energy whilst you are channelling Spirit.

Make yourself comfortable. Keep your feet on the floor, preferably bare foot if you can, but it doesn’t matter. Keep your back straight and put your arms outstretched on the top of your legs. Now just try and relax. Once relaxed, imagine the roots of a tree slowly moving upwards through your toes. Feel the power of the roots entering your legs, thighs, and slowly moving into your hips and middle part of your body. Imaging the roots extending into your midsection, chest and shoulders and down your arms to your fingertips.  Pushing the roots from your fingertips back up through yours arms into your shoulders and throat area and then your head, face and crown. Once the roots of the tree have reached the crown imagine them sprouting through the top of your head reaching out to the Universe. Now you are connected from the earth to a higher realm of protection.

Before you commence with deep meditation, imagine the Universe sending a golden light down through the roots of the tree and completely empowering your body with light sending the light right through your body into the ground through the roots. This will secure the protection as you will now be completely connected with the Spiritual Realm.
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After your meditation please reverse the above by allowing the light to flow upwards through your body out through your Crown. You will feel a rush of energy throughout your body whilst the light is leaving allowing you to feel refreshed and completely at ease.

You don’t have to meditate every morning but just think of the roots of a tree whilst you are walking around or even sitting down having your breakfast or cup of tea or coffee. Please refrain from drinking too much coffee as this enhances negative energy. This will protect you throughout the day.

In order to be able to expand your psychic abilities and use other abilities such as clairaudience it is essential that you learn to quieten the mind. This is doubly important if you want to communicate with spirit guides or receive information from people in the afterlife. Meditation is an excellent way to do this.

Even though you may be able to relax as per the preceding exercises sometimes this isn’t enough to make the mind still. You need to find an element of calm & quiet. This will become like a habit and will be easier to access with practice, but if you are not used to it you may find it a bit difficult at first. However, with practice you will become much more adept.

If you are aware of your thoughts and emotions it is much easier to know when another spirit is trying to communicate with you. By being able to control our response to outside stimulus, we are better able to "tune in" to the more subtle frequencies involved in using the extra senses and/or communicating with spirit.
There are a few things to remember:

1. The first thing to remember is don't struggle or try to force your mind to be silent.

Struggle will create more thoughts and sabotage the process. Just let thoughts float by and if you can just simply acknowledge them without paying them any attention.

2. Don’t give up. As with anything in life it takes time to develop a new habit. Be gentle with yourself if you just don't get it the first few times don’t give up. Anything worth doing requires a bit of effort.

3. When you are practising and learning, find a time where you will not be disturbed. There are times when you can use soothing music, for meditation perhaps, but for the purpose of psychic development it is best to have a very quiet environment. It makes it easier to pick up on subtle energies around you.
Meditation is not only good for developing your psychic abilities it has all sorts of excellent physical benefits for the body. Increased concentration, relaxation, stress release and more acceptance and tolerance are just a few things that can be helped. In addition, the mind and body come closer together in harmony when we use meditation.

Some people believe you should sit in a chair when you meditate. I believe that it does not matter if you sit or lie down to meditate. If you are going to be any length of time it is better to be relaxed lying down than becoming cramped sitting up. There is the chance that you may become too comfortable that you fall asleep. However, the choice is yours, there is no mystical reason at work here.

Some people like to follow a guided meditation. This is an excellent way to start your meditation practice as it gets you into the habit of relaxing and following a certain path.

Once you become a little more adept you may prefer to meditate on your own without intervention from music or a guide. You may choose to focus on a word (mantra) or a candle flame. Some people like to focus on their breathing allowing thoughts to subside.

Whatever your preference experiment.

(Please feel free to contact me for further information about meditation and connecting with your higher self or how to connect with Spirit)
The third eye is the sixth chakra also known as Ajna chakra or Agya chakra whereas Crown Chakra is the 7th Chakra known as Sahasrara Chakra.

The third eye is the chakra where the duality of the mind dissolves and the illusionary Maya world is dissolved into one whole world of unity - where the mind transcends the distinction between good and bad, happiness and sadness, loneliness and companionship etc etc.

Sahasrara Chakra represents the Nirvana or Moksha which is beyond human consciousness hence it is known as the Chakra of divination. Here mind not only transcends the distinction of duality, here mind itself is dissolved and new nature of being is born

If anyone is interested in learning how to open The Third Eye and/or the Crown Chakra please get in touch with Lynne and she will try to help you.
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