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Crystal Healing
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How can Healing Crystals help you?

To help you get started, we compiled a comprehensive roundup of some of the most popular crystals. I hope this helps you understand the benefits of Crystal Healing.

The use of Crystals can be used to balance your Chakras, which will generate healing energy within the body, but that is another article I am working on at present.

Healing crystals for health
Clear quartz:
a clear crystal considered a master healer and believed to support the entire energetic system
Malachite: This is a crystal that is famous for its healing energies
Jasper: a nurturing stone said to provide support during times of stress
believed to help process emotions and experiences and aid in letting go
used for healing, purifying, and enhancing willpower
said to improve circulation and provide support to blood-related issues

Healing crystals for wealth
Tiger’s eye: 
believed to provide motivation and lessen fear
believed to spark enthusiasm, creativity, and concentration
:  thought to soothe emotions and attract good luck
:  known as a stone of prosperity
another well-known stone for prosperity and luck
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Healing crystals for love
Rose quartz: 
sometimes referred to as the stone of love and believed to encourage love and trust
said to prompt feelings of inner strength and growth
believed to support sexuality and sensuality

Here you will find a brief description of the different types of healing crystals and their meanings

Clear quartz
This white crystal is considered by some to be a master healer.

Clear Quartz is said to amplify energy, aid concentration and memory, help balance your energetic system.
This stone is often paired with others like rose quartz to aid and enhance their abilities.

Obsidian is believed to be an intensely protective stone.

Obsidian is said to shield against physical and emotional negativity, get rid of emotional blockages and help promote the qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion, help you find your true sense of self
This stone may also help you digest experiences, emotions, and baggage, leaving you free of negative blockages.
Rose Quartz
Just as the colour may suggest, this pink stone is all about love.

Rose Quartz is said to help restore trust and harmony in relationships, enhance connection, provide comfort and calm during times of grief, encourage love, respect, trust, and self-worth
Who couldn’t use some of that?


This is a crystal that is famous for its healing energies.

Malachite is said to have healing energies, a growth crystal that is a potent aid in growth, development, creation, or renewal.

Love and Relationships When it comes to love and relationships, Malachite acts as a protection stone that absorbs negative energies.

This smooth crystal is known as the supreme nurturer.

Jasper is said to empower the spirit, support you through times of stress by preparing you to fully show up, protect you from and absorb negative vibes, promote courage, quick thinking, and confidence
These are traits that are extra helpful when tackling important issues, which is exactly what this stone may be good for.
Brings joy, wonder, and enthusiasm to every part of your life with citrine.

Citrine is said to help you release negative emotions, like fear and doubt, encourage optimism, warmth, motivation, and clarity, enhance mindfulness qualities, encourage creativity, support concentration.
This blue crystal is said to help heal the mind, body, and soul.

It’s also said to: be a good luck charm, help balance emotions, support spiritual grounding
When it comes to the body, it’s said to represent the respiratory, skeletal, and immune systems.

This purple stone is said to be incredibly protective, healing, and purifying.

Amethyst is said to help rid the mind of negative thoughts, bring forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom, promote willpower and healthy choices, aid sleep and demystify dreams
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Tiger’s eye
If you’re in need of a power or motivation boost, this golden stone may be for you.

Tiger`s Eye is said to help rid your mind and body of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt, guide you to harmony and balance, help you make clear, conscious decisions.
This can be beneficial for career aspirations or even matters of the heart.

Moonstone is known for new beginnings.

Moonstone is said to encourage inner growth and strength, soothe feelings of stress and instability when embarking on new ventures, help you move forward successfully, promote positive thinking, intuition, and inspiration, support success and good fortune.

This powerful healing stone lives up to its name.

Bloodstone is believed to: draw off negative environmental energies, encourage circulation of ideas and energy, promote selflessness, creativity, and idealism, reduce irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience.
Symbolically, bloodstone is associated with blood and blood-related bodily processes, like menstruation.
This blue stone is one of wisdom and royalty.

Sapphire is believed to attract prosperity, happiness, and peace, opening the mind to beauty and intuition, help with clear seeing and to promote a positive mood.

This striking red stone is a real standout.

Ruby is said to restore vitality and energy levels, promote sexuality and sensuality,
Support, intellectual pursuits, bring self-awareness and recognition of truth.
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