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About Lynne
Starting Out:
Through her early days Lynne was overwhelmed with her ability to connect with Angels, Guides and Loved Ones who had passed over. Over the years, Lynne found that her ability as a psychic medium encompassed not only those who had passed on,but those who lay in a coma or had experienced some kind of Brain Trauma and Memory Loss. Lynne has not only helped numerous people link with their loved ones on the other side, but she has also help link them with very ill people who have suffered some kind of trauma and are still alive but in a vegetative state. She has the unusual gift of Sight and Sound from those who live as well as those who have passed over.

Lynne has had numerous experiences during her years working with Spirit as a psychic reader and one of her strongest areas is the ability to change her facial and bodily features to the point where the occurrences have been caught on camera.

Her Martial Art Training has also helped her with her Spiritual Work as the 2 worlds meet in meditation as Lynne is able to tap into her psyche that she used for her martial art training. She is a Master 5th Dan in Karate & Kickboxing. 1st Dan Muay Thai & Taekwondo. Winner of "Millennium Coaching Award 2000", Winner of "National Coaching award 2002". And many others including her interview with the famous “Combat Magazine”.

Recently, Lynne had to under-go surgery for a very serious condition. Lynne`s heart kept stopping for no reason, each time for a few minutes. Thankfully she was able to be revived. It was during these events that Lynne gained a greater insight into the spirit world. It left her comforted and with a greater knowledge of the other side and where we eventually visit.
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Learn More:
To find out more about Lynne and her amazing gifts, contact her directly to see how she can help you. Simply call the number at the top of the page or send your query via the handy contact form on the contact page and she will be happy to get in touch with you.

Worldwide Respected Psychic:
Those who have strong inner sense of knowing are aware of certain things through their own psychic feelings, and are often referred to as strong intuitions that appear out of nowhere but that the person knows to be absolutely true.

Inner Knowing goes by many different terms. Higher self, Innate Wisdom, Claircognizance or Intuition. Whatever you want to call it, inner knowing is the ability to tap into the power of the universe to guide you through life and so gaining knowledge and information about things and people without explicitly being told. Inner knowing is so much more powerful than our conscious mind.
Receiving psychic messages whilst you sleep is common as we are open to the Universe and Spirit. We can (inadvertently) block spiritual and psychic messages whilst we are awake and so they can tend to manifest themselves in dreams.

Dreams is another topic Lynne would like to examine and add to her website soon.

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Here are some of Lynne's accolades:
Lynne was interviewed by the "Sun Newspaper" in May 2012, where she was asked to predict Kate and Williams first born. She predicted correctly. Because of her experience and success within the Psychic World Lynne was approached by the UK Television based Sky TV Program Psychic Today and invited to join their amazing Team of Psychics.

Lynne also appears on the cover of the following books:
Its Fate Magazine 2010 - Fate & Fortune Xmas Edition 2012
The Register of the U.S and World Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International  Rank  Order 2012.

America & Worlds` Best Psychics & Healers Who Care Most About You 2012 Volume 2.

Directory & International Rank Of The United States & The World`s  Best Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Astrologers & Lightworkers`  (Best Lightworkers` of Our Time) 2013
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