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If you're looking to find guidance in your everyday life, either to help you gain more focus in your career, or come to terms with losing someone close to you, you need a competent and highly respected Psychic that you can trust. You need to call upon the expertise and guidance of Lynne Caddick.

Lynne, also known as Lynne Trance Medium, is a charismatic, warm and compassionate Psychic, who makes the people she connects with feel at ease. She is also renowned for her uncanny accuracy and over the past 30 years has helped people from all walks of life throughout the world. Lynne also specialises in Relationship Readings of all kinds.

Lynne who is a Natural Born Psychic works as a Trance Medium who is able to communicate with spirit in a different way, thus being able to offer a clear connection with spirit.

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Lynne Caddick, Sunset
Lynne is a Psychic/Medium, Trance Medium and Seer who connects with Spirit on a very high level of vibration.
Lynne suffered several near death experiences due to her heart stopping. It was after the last time that her consultant discovered the electrics in her heart were faulty so she had emergency surgery and had a pacemaker/defibrillator fitted. Due to Lynne passing briefly she has a clearer vision of life on the 'Other Side'. She says she felt nothing but peace and happiness and she wanted to stay, but her husband told her it wasn`t her time and she had to go back. When she was separated from her physical body, she was simultaneously aware of what was happening in heaven and what was unfolding here, it was as if she was present in two worlds at the same time. She was floating above her body and was engulfed in hundreds of Orbs supporting her and protecting her.
As seen on TV & in Books, Lynne is a World Renowned Tested & Certified Psychic/Medium/Trance Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Healer. She is one of the World`s leading Psychics. Welsh Born & fondly known as the 'Peoples Psychic', she is honest and straight to the point. She is dedicated to helping you find answers in 'Love'. 'Career'. 'Relationships etc. She has been voted one of the "World`s Elite Psychics, World`s Best Psychic, Best Metaphysical Teacher and Spiritual Guide".
As featured on the UK TV series "Educating Joey Essex" and many Magazines articles. During a Peoples Vote Worldwide 2014-2016 she was voted as the "World`s Best Psychic" and dominated the voting scene. Lynne was the only UK Psychic to reach International 1st Place. She was the 1st British Psychic to be published in National Directory & Register of the "Americas and Worlds Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums & Healers". She has also had the honour of being chosen to appear in the Book "Americas & World`s Best Psychics & Healers Who Care Most About you". Author Maximillien de Lafayette.
When available, Lynne can be contacted through the 'Click 4 Advisor' (C4A) online platform.
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